Shooting Slot Games

As exciting as paintball is, it might be a struggle for some people who want to have the same level of intensity but lacks the time to go out to gaming centers. To fully enjoy the game, you would have to immerse yourself in the culture and environment. This means getting all the equipment you need and playing in safe environments.

If you do not have time to go out play in paintball playing centers, you can choose to play some shooting slot games at home. It can give you the same level of intensity and excitement right at the comfort of your own home. You do not have to go out and drive to the nearest paintball center. Here are some games to look at.

Silver Bullet Slot Game

This exciting slot game features 5 reels that give you 9 lines which feature a scatter pay symbol. With this in the game, you have the ability to get a maximum pay out of about 10,000 coins. This could mean that if you are playing with higher coins, you could be pocketing as much as $50,000.

This is possible with the wild symbol as well as the scatter pay symbol which allows players to hit higher frequencies of payout. Two or more of these symbols and you would be taking some extra winnings in the game. If you get all five reels to display the scattered gun symbol then you are in for some big money.

Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat Slot Game

True to how Microgaming offers players multiple ways to win, this slot game gives you the chance to be a winner with 243 different ways to win. The design is inspired by guns and girls and has been around for a while. It has even seen its fair share of TV shows and other games playing around the same theme.

With 243 ways to win, you can take out a bet with as small as 0.01 coin. The good thing about it is that 30 coins would be enough to cover all the possible ways to win. With a max bet of 20 coins per way, it can give you the max amount of potential winnings. As with every slot game, the more you bet on the lines, the higher your payout could be.

Judgment Day slot game

Microgaming puts out a slot game that revolves around the famous Terminator series. Set in the year 1991, the movie captured the imagination of people with the idea of a robot saving the one person that can bring an end to Cyberdyne. The same excitement is brought to the slot games with an online gaming machine.

There are numerous win streaks available in the game design and the bonus rounds are coupled with footages from the film just like the Terminator shooting at people. With visual that is off the charts and soundtrack matched to induce excitement, this shooting slot game is geared to give your hours of endless fun and winnings.